"I am truly grateful of the experience and knowledge I acquired while being a part of Universal Temple of the Arts Shakespeare program!
— A student

Offered through NYC's Cultural After-School Adventures

UTA offers a unique after-school cultural experience that introduces students to Shakespearean literature. Students engage in hands-on and exciting projects that encompass drama, music, sewing, visual arts, photography and writing components to acquire deeper knowledge of a specific play’s content and themes.

"Temple of the Arts was an amazing experience since it helped me to increase my social and independent life ... I became a more social person and I also learned how to do art, learn to read Shakespeare, take pictures and etc. More people should join this program because it gives us many opportunities to take." — Wan Jun

"I was blessed to be part of the Shakespeare program. The Shakespeare program was a lot of excitement. We all learned a lot of things that we don't learn in school and it was a great opportunity to help us for when we want to to do acting in the future. I really admired the coaches that came and helped us such as Mr.Gano or Coach Gano and Ms.Lease or Coach Lease. It was so fun each time we went after school to Shakespeare, and there were a lot of funnnnyyy funyyyy moments! The games and warm-ups we did gave us better learning, skill and focus on what we were doing for when we practiced our lines. Also the field trips were a huge help for the scenes that we did and it was a perfect way of showing us a great demonstration on how we are supposed to act when we are on stage. I was greatful that God had blessed me to enjoy this program, and glad that everyone there pushed us to do our best. I really adored the love that was between each of everyone's hearts from Ms Sajdah, Mr. Gano, Ms. Irene, Mr. Anthony, Ms. Lease and the others that helped us make our show happen. I honestly loved acting and the adrenaline rush that I had and we all had before we went on stage. We also had our ups and downs but it only made us stronger. I really want to enjoy this a program again! And I don't want to forget anyone." — Epiphany

"I am truly grateful of the experience and knowledge I acquired while being a part of Universal Temple of the Arts Shakespeare program! What I've learned is, music can influence many aspects of someone's life. For example: Jazz has a strong appeal to those who are wise and cautious. Therefore, it sort of guides one to a place where they can be at peace with the world and themselves. I also learned A LOT about acting and what to expect in the 'real world'. We were given guidance by a wonderful mentor named Lisa and a successful actor Gano Grillz. Gano taught me about wanting to be an actor for the fame, money or for the love and appreciation of the art. The teachers, coachs and designers (Ms. Sadja, Mr. Anthony, Ms. Irene, Ms. Jenny & Ms. D) were extremely helpful. Ms. Sadja is brought so much faith and peace to the program. Ms. Irene is intelligent and cared for us. Mr. Anthony was funny and creative! Ms. Jenny and Ms. D both showed me how to design and acquire important life skills about designing."

"This program was welcome to anyone. That's what made it so special because, not everyone is the same. The class was diverse and exciting, making the experience a whole lot better than a normal 'class play'. Plus we went on the best trips! I want to say again, I appreciate everything that was done for me and what I learned throughout this program. I also want to give a special thanks to Ms. Sajda, I am blessed to have had a teacher like yourself!" —
Anthony Solis

For more information, please contact UTA at (718) 273-5610 or email us at info@utasi.org.

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.