"Through the Arts,
We quicken the creative spirit in the individual and community and foster brotherly love.”

A Message from the Artistic - Executive Director

Peace be unto you:

Thank you for taking a moment to visit Universal Temple of the Arts' (UTA) website. We are an innovative arts, cultural and educational organization providing free and low-cost services to Staten Island communities for over 50 years.  Quickening the creative spirit in the individual and fostering brotherly love through our programs is the wind beneath our wings.  As an organization with a rich history in the making, UTA strives to stay connected to people  from all  ages, backgrounds and  walks of life by offering programs that nurture talent and creativity through a myriad of art forms and related activities. Our programs which have reached thousands of people over the years, are designed to cultivate  each  individual's inherent  talents; and we believe that through the arts, every person can be inspired to offer something unique and wonderful to his or her community and to the world at-large.

Though we have touched and continue to reach many, there is still much work to be done. I encourage you to explore our website to find out ways in which you can join us in this important and fulfilling work through volunteering your time, talents or services; through a financial contribution with a donation; or by becoming a UTA member. We need partners like you to help support us on our continued journey to promote the arts as a universal language, to be understood and respected by all.

We look forward to having you walk/dance with us!

Keep Smiling,